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Funeral Arrangements in Washington, DC

Pinckney-Spangler Funeral Home in Washington, DC, offers funeral arrangements with options for different style services.
Funeral Arrangements
Whether you experience a sudden death in the family, or you have had a chance to be more prepared for your loss, Pinckney-Spangler Funeral Home will help you get through this period with understanding, respect, and dignity. We offer family-only viewings, general viewings, or a combination of both depending on the wishes of the family.
Traditional funeral services can be held in a church, sanctuary, or any setting that the family chooses. This traditional funeral service will be followed with a cemetery visit or cremation depending on the family's choice.
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We assist with pre and post-burial arrangements, and serve all types of religious, non-religious, and faith-based ceremonies. Easy payment financing is available to help with the cost.
Contact our funeral home today in Washington, DC, for compassionate assistance with your funeral arrangements.